Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon – Hello, I’m Nicky. Last week we ran his final four miles together at The Tunnel Vision Marathon. She is a mother of a 2-year-old daughter and trains mostly in a stroller. She finished eighth with her new PB of 2:55, six seconds ahead of me. She has already run 5 marathons of less than 3 hours, which is very impressive.

I’m sure many parents will relate to this topic, but there’s a lot of great advice that applies to all runners, from beginner to advanced. fun!

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Q: How do you balance a busy life with training? Let us know in the comments below!

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Flo: Hello everyone, welcome to The Show. We are here to help athletes reach their full potential in training, racing and life. My name is Floris Guermann. I will speak with Nicky today. She is a very strong runner and mother of two. So far she has run over 30 marathons, 5 of which she finished in under 3 hours. Today, we’ll discuss how she balances her busy daily life with her training schedule. We also delve into her training and racing strategy. We hope you enjoyed your conversation with Nicky.

Nicki: One thing to note is that my girlfriend’s 2 year old who is supposed to be napping is jumping around in bed so you might have to pause if you hear a scream.

Flo: Don’t worry. good. I was very interested in meeting you last week and I really enjoyed it. Because I was running into tunnel vision her marathon. It reached the last four miles, saw some people in front of me, and said, “Oh, killer, I’m going to try to catch up with them. And suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re right next to me. Come on, we were running for a bit.” Can you tell us a little more about your experience with Tunnel Vision?

Nicky: It was fun. Even though I was probably going to clean up and run the race the week before, I was a little nervous. I know what it’s going to be like with just a training cycle. It just got in the way, and I thought, “Is it worth trying?” I went into the race just for fun with no expectations, so I think that probably helped me in the race.

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But when I caught up with you, I was actually running.I was running 16 or 17 miles with one gentleman.Another guy came and passed us.About 21:00. , he took off.

Nicky: He ended up finishing a few minutes early, he really took off and I think that’s why he rushed over to keep track of him, but without you he would have died. think. You kept saying you were working with someone at the end. It’s perfect, just focus. that’s all you have to do. Place one foot in front of the other. “Was good.

Flo: Good. I’ve been trying to keep some energy up until the marathon is over, but I’ve noticed a few times that he’s dead at 18 or he’s 20. I don’t start until mile 20 and warm up the rest.

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Even in this race, it’s like, “Oh, it’s already mile 20. Now, let’s run.” You stored it in the tank, and you had a very fast pace until the end, so I think you did too.

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Nicky: Well, that’s the only way to end it. I don’t know if you saw that girl, but did you see that poor girl who keeps falling right there on the finish chute? All just exhausted. She made it through the Boston qualifier, but she literally rolled. She tried to crawl but I think her quadriceps got shot. She literally rolled across the finish line and she was looking a little sore, but she was like, ‘Oh my God, I wish it didn’t hurt so much. Because she knew that in order to finish okay, she had to measure and give what she had.

Flow: Of course. Now here’s the thing, you’ve run a lot of marathons, haven’t you? We were talking about this last time, do you think she’s running 28 marathons now or she’s running 29 marathons?

Flo: So, from your first marathon, can you describe your first few marathons? What have you learned over the years? , what made you a better runner over time?

Nicki: I honestly think she might have fallen asleep. I was running in college and always had these unrealistic goals for myself.I struggled with such a negative attitude.

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When I first started running marathons, I said, “I love running. Instead of setting goals and training at a pace, I was training by listening to my body.Then when I had a bad experience in a race, what kind of fitness was I doing? That’s when I set my goals.

Flo: How do you do that? Listen to your body. Can you tell me more about that? Can you explain how you do that?

Nicki: I don’t run with headphones. I don’t run with GPS. Recently, I’m pushing a stroller, but when I’m alone, I’m running. I got a watch so I know I’m going to go and explore for 45 minutes. Also, play with the pace so that some days you run lighter. Usually when I do it myself I do it pretty hard. Because there’s very little you can do right now.

Running A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

I do not understand. Just listen to your breath and think, “What can I keep?” Guessing something like, “Okay, I know he has 6 miles. Can he keep this case going for 6 miles?” If it sounds easy, speed it up a little and say, ‘I don’t know if I can stand it. you retreat Simply replace while racing or training.

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A few training runs, I get out there, run eight, nine minute miles and feel like death, less than seven seconds and I feel good… just adapting to what I got for the day.

Flo: Now that you’re a parent, I’d like to think specifically, you have her two-year-old daughter, right?

Flo: Obviously, I have her 1 year old daughter and her 2 kids who are 4 years old and the whole scope of my training has completely changed. Obviously, family comes first, then work, then your husband, me and my wife, and running. Can you explain a little, how do you balance? You said that you often run with a stroller these days, but how do you balance family and work?

Nicky: I’m thinking of running Playtime. It’s my time too. I try to get it every day, but Cora was really tiny, so the first time I ran with her was when she was only 4 months old. I pushed her but did not put her on her car seat attachment. She just wrapped herself in a towel. My running partner is a neurosurgeon, so I asked her. she said. “No, just wrap a towel around her head and you’ll be fine.”

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Nicki: So I think Cora got used to it just by wrapping it in a towel. Ever since she was little, she kept saying she wanted to go run to a big waterfall this morning. I think I was able to turn running time into family time. Last night she went to a big waterfall and she wanted to go again. Her husband carried the dog and I pushed the stroller as we all set out for this great waterfall.

Nicki: Yes, the State Capitol, like Olympia, much smaller than Seattle. yes it is a nice little area

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