Running Half Marathon Xanthi

Running Half Marathon Xanthi – Since we are social creatures, it comes as no surprise that having a running partner has many benefits. However, in today’s times, always remember to maintain social distance and take care of yourself and those around you.

While running alone, it has advantages such as fitting a workout into your schedule, finding the right running buddy that will be meticulous with your mindset and timing and will be the perfect complement to your running game. But it is difficult to find the exact balance. Here are some ideas to help you find your ideal running buddy.

Running Half Marathon Xanthi

Running Half Marathon Xanthi

It is a good place to command in close circles of family and friends or even at your work. These are the ones who already like you the most, and these are the ones who accept you the most. If you have shared interests in running, doing it together would be a no-brainer.

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These are the days of modern technology, there are many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Meetup. Such social issues can easily bring together like-minded people, near and far.

Your local town or city probably has a regular running group or club that welcomes all levels of runners to a weekly event. Then there are usually social gatherings where you not only get your fitness on, but also develop more meaningful friendships and relationships.

Once you find your running membership, running buddy benefits will begin to offer themselves. Here are 10 great reasons to have a running buddy;

The combination of meeting and friendship is a splendid thing. Not only can you have a partner who motivates you and pushes you to be the best you can be, but you also have a rational partner to help you achieve your goals. Together, you will have someone from your side to create memorable adventures. Not only will they help you in so many ways, but they will help you in return. Having a running buddy will ensure everyone feels good about the event. The Half Marathon of Ioannina is probably the fastest race of 21 km, because it is not affected by the weather (high temperatures etc.), while it is also one of the most beautiful. a city known for its natural beauty and history.

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The race starts from Mavili Square in a SE direction and after about 100m. following the circular road parallel to the wall of Castri Ioannini in Vico Averof.

At 200 m. we take the right (Kountourioti Street) and enter G. Papandreou Street for about 2km, where we check-point and return from the opposite direction of G. Papandreou, 4 km before the start (reaching Mavili Square).

We continue to the lake and enter the roads Dionysios Skilosofos, Garivaldi, Metsovo and K. Papoulias.

Running Half Marathon Xanthi

At 7 km of the road, turn right towards Str. Voyianou, left to Nicopolis-Papanastasiou-September 3-Ethnikis Antistaseos and reach the colony of Katsika 12 km.

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We turn towards the Kastritsa monastery to the left and leave again for 500m, heading for the 3 foot bridge of the lake.

From bridge 3 and after the cycle path of the pedestrian lake, we pass in front of the amusement park “Odeon”, to the left towards Str. Voyianou turned at the first roundabout, K. Papoulias, Garrivaldis, D.Skylossopou, continue a straight 7km route. overlooking the lake of Ioannina, at the end of the Square of Mavilium.

The information of the type was found on the official website of the company or through publicly available sources. Some makeup courses have always been said. Please let us know if any information is wrong or missing, email us. Hello! I’m Lena and I live in Moscow! I am 45 years old. Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. I am keen on playing and have come a long way in four years. To your surprise, he has already participated in 3 marathons, the Moscow Marathon, the Paris Marathon and the Berlin Marathon! Now my new goal and challenge is to participate in all the top six world marathons, which are included in the World Marathon Major. I ran in one of them on September 24, 2017 in Berlin, and I was able to show a significant result – my personal result was 3 hours and 42 minutes. It was gorgeous! I am very proud.

For I am going with my husband. But as opposed to me, he doesn’t plan to make everyone with the next marathon, he just enjoys running and sharing my interests! To be honest, my hobby involved me in another important sphere – before and after the training I took care of nutrition. And through this, I took up healthy nutrition and became a Nutritionist. But now I help people who are overweight. I help them change their eating habits, correct their diets and support people to get fit! I am happy to be a part of the world marathon and my experiences show that it is never too late to enter sports and be a healthy and happy person!!!

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If you’d like your post story developed then, kindly drop us an email at [expletive] and we’ll get in touch with you all set up! When it comes to running, people tend to associate with it. with celebrity athletes, particular races, certain famous trainers, or what is a good tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But it certainly has much more to do with running. There is a science to running. Whether you look at the physical kinesiology of gait and movement patterns, the physiology and biology of using fuel and the chemical components of muscle to create energy and power, or the positive mental aspect of running, it’s unique. and there is no doubt that the course affects every part of the body, including the brain. This leads us to investigate what the brain effects are from the expression of the highly touted famous runner.

Vocabulary high runner to describe a euphoric feeling, where one feels a sense of calmness and a sense of tranquility with reduced anxiety, while at the same time feeling less pain after a long time. It is believed that running and exercise can have positive effects on physical well-being and also reduce mental stress, which could be an effective treatment against anti-depressant medication.

Scientists have struggled with this question for years because of why exercise and running have positive effects such as improved mood and relaxation. There are two blocks of thought since the first opioid-endorphin theory first emerged and the more recently explored endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Running Half Marathon Xanthi

When running, the body goes through physical changes such as heart rate and breathing rate. There is also a release of chemicals in the blood stream called endorphins. A network with receptors that help reduce your overall pain perception. The scientists then tested the endorphin theory to determine if exercise released endorphins to act on the opioid receptor system in the brain to contribute to positive feelings and increased mood.

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In the 1980s, it was discovered that following exercise endorphins are increased in the flow leading to the theory of endorphins contributing to the runner’s high. However, new research has found that endorphin molecules are too large to cross the blood-brain barrier, making it difficult for opioid receptors in the brain to bind.

This 2008 study done by Cortex Cerebral in Germany injected trace into 10 male athletes and took scans of their brains before and after 2-hours to monitor opioid-binge brain receptors. The athletes then gave the following questionnaire a long run to determine any euphoric feelings. They found that an increased level of euphoria followed detection and that opioid-binding receptors were more active in the frontolimbic areas of the brain, which are involved in the formation of enkephalin movements. Enkephalins are related to endorphins, but they are found in the brain and spinal cord compared to endorphins which are found in the blood. This study supports the runner theory of opioid receptor binding. But specifically about endorphins, they probably aren’t chemicals around the brain.

The previous opioid-endorphin theory for positive mood effects from the high runner seems to have been replaced with the recently explored endocannabinoid system, or at least this has been positively tested in mice. It plays a role in sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and fertility. Endocannabinoids are naturally generated alchemically in the human body with a similar matrix as cannabis. With exercise, he also found that levels of certain endocannabinoids called anandamide are elevated in the bloodstream, as are endorphins. In contrast to endorphins, anandamides are lipid-soluble and can easily pass through the blood barrier, and can attach to cannabinoid and opioid receptors in the brain;

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