Half Marathon Yerevan

Half Marathon Yerevan – The Yerevan Marathon is an annual long-distance running event held in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and is the successor of the Yerevan Half Marathon held in 2015, 2016 and 2017. On October 21, 2018 for the first time, in addition to the Half marathon and shorter distances Yerevan will host a full marathon distance.

General Sponsor of the event is Coca-Cola HBC Armenia. Coca-Cola Yerevan Marathon is organized by Arm Marathon Foundation, Yerevan city administration, TriClub multisport club and Coca-Cola HBC Armenia.

Half Marathon Yerevan

Half Marathon Yerevan

The marathon starts in the center of Yerevan near the Republic Square. The route takes runners through the beautiful central streets of Yerevan and into the gorge of the Hrazdan River, then back to the starting point.

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The course of the Half Marathon is precisely measured and certified by AIMS. The marathon route is pending certification. All runners’ results are measured with precise timing equipment (Mylaps).

The Coca-Cola Yerevan Marathon is organized within the city limits of Yerevan. The altitude of the race is between 970 and 1070 meters. Total elevation gains are for 21.1km – 165m and for 42.2km – 300m

Information about the race was found on the event’s official website or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website for the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is incorrect or missing by sending us an email.

The half marathon consisted of three distances, 5, 10, 5 and 21km. Schoolchildren also took part in the race. They run 2.5km. The winner among girls in the distance of 5 km was Lilit Suragyan from Vanadzor, the winner among boys in the same distance Ervand Mkrtchyan from Gyumri, the best in the distance of 10.5 km were Lilit Harutyunyan and Anna Karhanyan, Mushegh Shahverdyan and Vahe Ivanyan. And in the distance of 21 km the first runners who reached the finish line were Sergey Lukin (Russia) and Irina Sergeyevna (Russia)

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“We have to make the Half Marathon a real marathon next year. The aim is also to extend its geography,” said Sports and Youth Minister Gabriel Ghazarian.

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Jul 15 Europe to choose the best young athlete In 2018 the Austrian cyclist Laura Stigger was named best young athlete.

Half Marathon Yerevan

July 15 Arayik Baghdadyan: Sargsyan Tournament to be Elective for World Championship The tournament prize pool is $24,000.

Race Report: Yerevan Marathon

9 Nov The U18 women’s team will participate in the European Championship Division C The place and the final list of participants will be announced in January 2016

May 17 Fifth round matches played at the European Championship Samvel Ter-Sahakyan, Gabriel Sargsyan and Arman Pashikyan celebrated victories. This year I started getting serious about running. It started out as a simple means of losing weight, and I expected it to be over quickly like so many of my previous attempts at running again; in failure.

But this time, somehow, it clicked and I got hooked on running and now I actually not only enjoy it, but even crave it, as a way to relax and clear my mind. It has become a meditation tool for me.

Also, competing in races is a great way to feed my competitive instincts and desire for visible results, so collecting medals has become an obsession of mine now, even if it’s just participation medals, as I’m obviously from nowhere. part close to winning any race yet.

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And the beauty of running is that I can combine it with my other great passion; travelling! And that’s just what I did now for the first time.

After successfully finishing my first half marathon in May, I decided to sign up for the Yerevan Marathon, if only for the half marathon distance. I have traveled extensively in Armenia on 2 separate occasions and Yerevan has a special place in my heart so it seemed like a natural fit for my first international travel and a great excuse to return to Yerevan after 3 years.

This year’s Yerevan Marathon was held on October 13, which gave me 5 months to prepare. During these 5 months I completed 5 more half marathons in Denmark and a couple of 10km races. So I felt in great shape before this race.

Half Marathon Yerevan

Mind you, the conditions for racing in Yerevan, which is about 1000m in altitude and has a bit hotter and hillier weather overall than what I’m used to in Denmark, would be a little jokey, but I was very confident that I will make it.

Yerevan Half Marathon 2019 – Abandoning The Fjords

To make my odds even worse, I only scheduled 2 full days in Armenia so I wouldn’t have time to acclimate. After the race I was flying to Senegal for the start of my 2 weeks “real” holiday, and as I’ve already seen most of Armenia I figured 2 days would be plenty of time.

So I left early on Friday 11th October, flying to Warsaw where I had a 10 hour layover. This time I spent meeting and hanging out with an old mime friend whom I also coincidentally met in Armenia on my first visit. So time went by quickly. Then the flight to Armenia. With arrival at 4 in the morning. Only it takes almost 45 minutes to clear immigration because apparently all the flights to Yerevan arrive at the same time. It sucks. Even worse, I had arranged with my hotel to have a driver pick me up. But there was no one waiting for me. After waiting 20 minutes for no one to show up I just took a regular taxi to my hotel and then went straight to bed.

The next morning I woke up after a couple of hours, had breakfast at the hotel and set myself up for a hectic day of collecting my race starter kit, visiting my favorite spots in the city and meeting old and new friends .

My hotel, the Elysium Gallery Hotel, had an excellent location in the city centre, 2 minutes walk from the opera house and within walking distance of everything else of note. I first walked and climbed the Cascade complex, which is a giant marble staircase that soars high above the city giving spectacular views of both the city and Mount Ararat in the distance – that is, if the weather permits, and unfortunately on this day the sky was full of haze that hid the mountains. Besides just offering a good view, the building and the plaza in front of it also double as an open-air art exhibit with many interesting statues on display.

й Ереванский марафон и полумарафон (yerevan Marathon, Երևան Մարաթոն) 2019. Ереван, Армения. Октябрь 2019

After spending some time at the Cascade, I walked across the city to Piazza della Repubblica, one of my favorite spots in the city, because it’s lined with huge beautiful government buildings on all sides and with a giant fountain on one side. end. . I always like to come back here. The beautiful red stone in various shades used for the buildings gives it such an amazing look.

A little further from Piazza della Repubblica there was the running fair where I collected the starting number and the event shirt. The gathering of things went well, after which I went back to my hotel for some rest and to go back to the WiFi to organize some meetings with people.

My first encounter would have been with some of my old friends who work at Envoy Hostel and Tours, as I have a great relationship with many of the people who work or were employed there, so coming to Armenia without visiting them would be a shame. Two of the people I’ve known for some time were at work today, and we enjoyed catching up, especially as Armenia has undergone some changes since my last visit, having gone through a political revolution.

Half Marathon Yerevan

After spending some time at the hostel, and not wanting to keep them from their work too long, I left. For the Tsitsernakaberd Monument, otherwise known as the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum. It’s up on a hill a little out of town, but easily reached by taxi. I visited the place on my first visit in 2015, but this time I felt compelled to return again to show my respects, as well as just to remind myself of the horrors of the genocide. The museum has a great exhibition, which is also very graphic by the way. It hits you right in the stomach, as such an exhibition rightfully should.

The Coca Cola Yerevan Marathon 2018 – Race Connections

The actual monument is composed of an eternal flame flanked by huge arms of stone that cover it, in a circular composition, with a large granite needle sticking high into the sky right next to it. It is a very solemn place, with silence and respect.

Returning from the memorial, I returned to the hotel to rest a bit before returning to the race expo where there was a pasta party which

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