Half Marathon 50 States

Half Marathon 50 States – People who do half marathons instead of full marathons like to call themselves half crazy. The fact is that paying to run 13.1 miles is still crazy. So why not embrace the crazy and run a half marathon in all 50 states? Without knowing it, I technically started this journey … Read more

What To Wear Running Half Marathon

What To Wear Running Half Marathon – Many half marathon training plans last 12 weeks. You should also dial in your nutrition and improve your recovery. Put simply: Training for a half marathon takes time and effort. Don’t let it all go to waste by wearing socks that give you blisters in mile three. What … Read more

Marathon Running Coach Near Me

Marathon Running Coach Near Me – Who can’t relate to the idea of ​​having someone as your advocate – and if that person happens to be one of the top running coaches in Singapore, how perfect. Coaches, like running shoes, come in all shapes, prices and styles. Finding which certified running coach or personal trainer … Read more